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Manfred WIlhelm
Speaker of the Graduate School
Manfred Wilhelm
Institut für Technische Chemie und Polymerchemie

Engesserstr. 18

76218 Karlsruhe

Phone +49 721 608-43150

Email manfred wilhelmNvc4∂kit edu

SFB 1176
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Molekulare Strukturierung weicher Materie

Project-specific staff
Name Phone E-Mail
+49 721 608-41401 carlo bothaKdw9∂kit edu
+49 721 608-48502 Nico DingenoutsLkb6∂kit edu
+49 721 608-48503 christian fenglerOak6∂kit edu
+49 721 608-48503 michael pollardKby9∂kit edu
+49 721 608-43150 manfred wilhelmJst4∂kit edu

Project Q1 • Multi-Dimensional SEC-Correlation-Spectroscopy

The correlated determination of the three main characteristics of a polymer (size, chemical composition, and functional groups) in one experiment are not yet realized for high molecular weight polymers or for low degrees of functionalization. Therefore, a novel in-situ characterization method is required to prove the sequence control capabilities in the SFB 1176. The coupling of size exclusion chromatography (SEC) with infrared spectroscopy (IR) or low field 1H-NMR allows for the correlated determination of molecular weight and chemical composition while functional groups will be detected quantitatively via the newest quantum cascade lasers in the IR-regime.


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Botha, C.; Höpfner, J.; Mayerhöfer, B.; Wilhelm, M.

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Publications 2018
Title Author Source

 Höpfner, J.; Ratzsch, K.-F.; Botha, C.; Wilhelm, M.

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Publications 2017
Title Author Source

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